DESIGN EASY is a company with the intention of developing and marketing innovative products for the construction industry. We deliver product and solutions for making construction convenient, faster & easier. We do this by keeping the costs low and making the solution available to our customers at a reasonable price.


Design Easy has a vision to become a company that can bring the best of technology to India from anywhere in the world and market the same to Indian customers. This will also include products from known brands (there will be possible future tie-ups with leading brands that may not want to set shop in India) as well as develop some products that will be custom made for specific applications.

The basis ethos of our work will be to develop products and solutions which relate to the latest technology. Design Easy will market products in India and also look forward at exporting products to some of the growing markets across.


At Design Easy, we design & fabricate access panels of standard and non-standard sizes in metal/ non-metal frame types, with gypsum/ calcium silicate/ fibre cement boards for various applications of ceilings & walls. Our access panels are built to last and come with necessary certification of performance. We also customize sizes for specific applications which may involve complex design for taking additional loads or for providing larger access areas for serviceability in ceilings & other areas.
We design & build prefabricated Gypsum sections commonly called as Bulkheads in shapes & sizes as required. Common shapes available are “L” & “W” types in lengths of 6 feet. Both linear & curved prefabricated sections are available based on the requirements. These prefabricated sections increase the speed of work and provide accurate & precise joints/ bends to improve overall quality and aesthetics of the ceilings where they are used.
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